Richard Cameron - audiovisual artist

I'm a music producer and songwriter since the 80s and I have always been involved with the visual side of all my music projects. For V.O.L.V.O., Popcorn, Arling & Cameron, Fluffy Target, Cowgum, Mr & Mrs Cameron and, most recently, for Beau Battant.

As a (conceptual)-artist, filmmaker, DJ, art-director, (creative)-producer and (creative)-director

I made art and music video's, record covers, soundtracks, photo's and paintings.

I also organised dance events and curated art exhibitions.


Recently I have been doing the art direction for the liveshows of Belgian artist Bent van Looy (Das Pop) and, among other work, I started making instagram videos.

This website shows a couple of recent examples of my work as a audio/visual artist.

more vids:






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